Hi! I’m Alex B. Westphal, and this is my Official Author’s Website. (Gosh, that sounds so official.) Thanks for checking it out! I write erotic science fiction stories, emphasis on the science fiction. At some point, I’ll write something in other erotic genres, but for now, the next few projects will all be science fiction of one kind or another.
Here you’ll find news, announcements and info about what projects I have out and where they’re available for purchase.
My first publication is MindSlide from Torrid, part of their Man Cave line. It’s a near-future thriller. Two female scientists circumvent company directives and test a radical new procedure on themselves. Although they’re successful at first, one of the women suffers disturbing side effects, and she quickly suspects someone is causing the effects intentionally. MindSlide is a short, sexy thriller sure to keep you guessing.
My current work-in-progress is a more conventional science fiction adventure, a sexy romance where one by one, everything the heroine believes to be true is revealed to be something else, from the man she’s fallen for to her entire existence. And the mystery and tension don’t put a damper on their sex, but the guys with the stun guns might!
More on this project and a peek behind the writing of MindSlide are coming your way in the weeks ahead! Glad you dropped by, and hope you come back soon!
Ophidia Cox
2/20/2013 03:22:37 am

Hi Alex! Congrats on your release!

3/4/2013 03:05:09 am

Thank you, Ophidia!

(Ophidia is a long-time friend and author of the ebook The Cyberkink Sideshow, available from Lyrical Press, Amazon.com and other sites.)


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